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This Zim Zum Q&A was started by using The Pleistoscene/Ultra Fag Entertainment FAQ Version 1.1 off of the now defunct ULTRA WORLD. Which is an update of v.1.0 that was originally compiled by J.N. Tallon and I (GlitterZim). The answers were given to us (and now given to me) from Zim Zum himself so, they are official. The latest version of these Q&A will be available through ZZIV @ http://www.zimzum.net/.

Hi Zim,my name is Apostol and I am from Bulgaria.I'm a huge fan of yours and I'm trying to popularize your music here in my country.My question is what is happening with Pleistoscene,and when will your devoted fans hear a new music from you?I also want to thank you for the pop culture suicides songs-they are great,but the official site of the group is not working.Please continue with the great music you made.I want you to know that your fans are behind you and support everything you do. -depro roram < hotride(at)abv(dot)bg >, 4/22/2005

There will be new music from Pleistoscene (see other question about Pleistoscene) but for now, The Pop Culture Suicides is at the top of my list and will go live very soon. The website will also go live with a new song (only downloadable at the official site) a video and tour news, etc. AS ALWAYS I really do appreciate your support as I do not take it or any of you for granted. xox Zim

I have been a Marilyn Manson fan for a long time and by far I would say his Antichrist Superstar album was his best work. Of course you did your part to make that album kick ass. That being said I was wondering what is your OFFICIAL band right now...is it THE POP CULTURE SUICIDES or Pleistoscene? - MaNsOnCrUciFix(at)aol(dot)com , 4/21/2005

Pleistoscene is fully functional and more creative than ever, but will not be the first of my projects to go live. Pleistoscene, at this moment, is more of a studio, experimental project based solely on the exploration of music, tone and spontaneity.

I just wanted to know, when you said you didn't like people how copy you does that go for impersonaters to. because I like to dress up like you in my free time, and when my band plays songs from Antichrist superstar. My band is only a camp band thow so it's not like I'm stealing your act. If you'd like I could stop I ment no harm,it's just that you have been my idle since I was 10. I just whanted to be like you:)
love Hannah < tepesch13(at)optonline(dot)net >, 8/2004

I dont mind at all what your doing and I am quite flattered by it. Send in some pictures of you and the band playing and best of luck in all that you do! -Zim

Hey Zim, if it's ok i just wanted to know the real reason why you left manson, you probably get asked that same question twenty million times, but, i am a relative newcomer to all of this stuff. i'm sick of people telling me a different story, so i decided to ask the man himself.
Also, while i'm writing this, i would like to tell you that i respect you a lot because most musicians don't bother answering the very people who make them what they are. I think we all know who makes a musician, the fans that loyally recognise the talent behind the singer (whomever they are, i think the singer gets an unfair and biased share of the attention). I first heard of you when i met my friend (he wrote a while ago and was very pleased with your sincere response) and he introduced me to the whole rockish theme. Do you agree when i say that just because some people weren't there from the start, it doesn't mean they aren't REAL fans. With manson, i noticed he shunned out the people that hadn't heard of him in his early days and gave less recognition to the people that may have been too young (like me) to have heard of him then.
I'm only a wee 14 year old girl in this bitch of a world and already i have joined up with my friend in this band we're trying to get off the ground. OK, as your attention slides and bredom settles in, i will ask you one more question. i have the somewhat daunting task of learning bass from scratch and i was wondering if you had any tips for me? anything is welcome, trust me. some sicere words of encouragement: millions think you are a very talented guitarist and manson made a mistake on letting you go, yet still you continue to grow in the lives of many dedicated and loyal fans, including me. Keep it up and don't let anything change the way you are, the ahem... wise advice of a tiny 14 year old. Hehe... :) - Wendy Stuart < wjstuart(at)satlink(dot)com(dot)au >

Hello Wendy.
Your first question is one I have been asked a few times.
It's not anywhere near as tabloid as some might hope.
There will probably come a time in your life, as it did in mine, when I felt I had the whole world in the palm of my hand, only to realize that it was much bigger than I had ever imagined and as always, because though some days might drag on and on, life is basically pretty short, I am drawn to explore the unknown while I have the time. Time is precious, breathe in every single second of it. The moral of the story is, as big as life may seem, it gets even bigger if yourself the chance to explore it.

Now on to your second question;
I dont agree that there are degree's of "real" when it comes to people who enjoy what you do. I can understand the reverse loyalty that someone might have towards fans who have been with them all along, when it wasnt on TV or maybe wasnt so popular to like them.
I am humbled by anyone who takes the time to listen to my music and comes to a better understanding of what I am saying, who I am and the kind of person I am trying to be and how we all relate on complex and not so cmplex levels. Not everything I do will appeal to everyone, so fans may come and go as I grow and explore, thus is life.

And last but certainly not least;
Learning an instrument is something that will give back to you 10,000 times what you put into it. Be patient. Embrace it. Understand why music is the way it is and what makes things musical. Dont follow. Lead. As good as you may one day think you are understand that there will probably be better so just do what you do and dont waste any time thinking about "better than" just be the best version of you that you can be.
There were thousands of hours that I could have been outside in the sunshine with my friends but I chose to be in a room alone with my instrument and my music and I never felt I made the wrong choice.
Once you get past the blistered fingers and cramped hands everything will begin to flow and make sense. Dont be afraid to learn on your own. Buy books, video tapes, magazines, anything that will make you a better musician and though other things might occupy you time now and then dont let your instrument fade away.
Good Luck.

Hi Zim! Which do you like to be called, and which name are you gonna use for when your new band really comes of the ground? You're one of the best, you inspired me. - Dirk 2004

1. Zim
2. Probably all of them and though I love the way you describe it I feel I should pack a parachute.

Hey dude,

First I'd just like to say how much i respect you doing your own thing and expressing yourself, not just riding the fame from your connection to Marilyn Manson (the band) for fame/money, you truly are an artist, not a sellout like so many these days.

From what I've heard so far ('who will save us now?' and 'ordinary life') it's going really well, good luck to you.

And now to my question, how long do you think it will be until you do a show in England UK? Im a huge fan and cant wait to see you live (recordings are good, but not the same as the live experience).

Thanks for your time
(á) SaX-KiD (Ù) peace/love

There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't thought; "f#*! I'm going out of my f**&^$# mind and I want to play shows TODAY!"
Obviously I need other musicians to perform the songs live and I have had thee worst luck with musicians not being able to handle the music or the situation or getting fat heads just being associated with the band (I could continue this list until the next millennium) and simply put, I expect nothing less than perfection from anyone who is going to play onstage with me in front of people who are fans of my music.
The last couple of months have been very productive on this front as rehearsals have been taking place BUT as far as playing the UK it's still a bit off.
I miss the UK and I'd like to play there this year....the sooner the better.
Hi Zim Zum. I only got one question actually :
What's your all time favorite Marilyn Manson song ?
- Ben AKA. Tourniquet < bkovalewski(at)hotmail(dot)com >
it's not a single song but more my part and contribution as a guitarist and songwriter to the change that took place while in that band and what it did to everything outside of that band...The ability to leave a mark that lasts long after I'm gone. That is my all time favorite thing but it could never be just one song. xoxo- Zim

I was wanting to know if you were ever planning on coming to Alaska and what was the funnest part about being in Marilyn Manson? -Amanda < the_strange_pink_happy_bunny(at)yahoo.com > 2003

I really liked Alaska. There are really good people there, as before the show, Pogo was missing a piece of gear (I think it went on ahead to Hawaii or something), a piece that the show could not happen without. So, one of the local dj's went on the air and asked if anyone had that (hard to find) piece of gear to please bring it down to the show and sure enough after a tense couple of hours someone did and the show happened.

The most fun? The travel/touring/new faces.

zimmy what you think about drugs? love u so much thanks for your music and inspiration... - janis < mf_luderx(at)hotmail.com > 2003

Hello Janis,
I'm glad you like my music and I hope it inspires you to do something you never thought you could.
Crack/Heroin are not something I will ever do and I dont suggest anyone else do them either.
I'm not one to want to lean anyone in any direction when it comes to something like this by something I say. Any other subject and I would push my views like there was no tomorrow (lol) but this is one that you have to be extremely responsible with.
Like everything in life there are 2 sides to every coin, the good and the bad. You simply cannot have one without the other. It's the delicate balance that is life and that's what really makes things interesting.
I have seen them do very bad things to very good people and I have also seen them do very good things for very bad people. I am very responsive to chemical changes and reactions. A slight change in my eating habits and I can become a lunatic. With that said my body reacts to all chemicals in the same way. I'm very, immediately, responsive and that's something I am very cautious about. I personally like myself when I am truly myself, unaffected and unaltered. I have experimented. Sometimes I still do. I take responsibility for my actions.

Whoever reads this; If you have done without doing any drugs up to this point then DEFINITELY dont start fucking around now. If it's a social thing, as in "all the cool kids do it" then fuck the cool kids! What is cool anyway if your not being yourself or if your too fucked up to enjoy whats going on around you?
I can only say that life is too short to miss something, even something simple that you might take for granted is part of life and it shouldnt be missed. You always have to be responsible for your own actions. These are the kinds of things you cant blame on someone else if it doesnt work out the way you hoped it would...

Zim Zum, I have always been fascinated with your guitar tone. What amps do you use now? As a fellow guitarist I can appreciate what you bring to the world with your new project. Thank you for not becoming another played out band on the radio! - matt brewer < nin420slipknot(at)aol.com > 2003

ZIM ZUM: Hello Matt. I use a combination of Framus Cobra amp heads (2) and Tech 21 preamps. Those are then run through a combination of Framus Cobra 4x12 cabinets and Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabinets with vintage greenback speakers. I have been adding in a few new things here and there lately that I have never really used just to add another dimension to my tone. I am and I always have been a purist when it comes to tone. I prefer to go as direct as possible so all the tone comes from the players approach towards the guitar and the amp.
I have something in the back of my head that has always been there that subconciously drives me forward, usually in the most difficult direction, which is the direction that is furthest from anyone else. It's what feels natural. I know that I have defined a sound that is uniquely mine, not a simple task in this day and age and it does tend to fuel the fire in that I've realized I can be completely original so why not keep pushing it further?
Again, it's what feels natural. Life is simply too short to be like everyone else or to not do what aches inside of you to get out. I have never been one who concerns themselves with what others think about who I am or what I do. I do what I do and if someone else on the planet likes it, cool, if they dont, that's cool too because who I am and what I do is not for everyone.
BUT, those who "get" what I'm saying, how I'm saying it and what I'm going for musically, REALLY get it and that alone is more than I could ever have imagined.
Be yourself and you will never have to wonder; "What if?"

What nationality is your ancestors from? - Gabe < go_monkey_go(at)hotmail.com > 2003

ZIM ZUM: My great Grandparents were born in Harxbuttel, Hannover, Germany.

Hi Zim! It's always a pleasure to read your hellos on Bourgeois Boredom, event if it's a few words. It's like you're saying "hey i'm still there!". I wanted you to know that...
Ah yeah...zim, when you write a song, do you compose the music before and the lyrics after, or you do the inverse, or it depends of your mood???
Hope Pleistoscene won't forget Montreal on their concert list!
bye XOXO Likwid

ZIM ZUM: Even if it's hard to connect, the cool thing about the Bourgeois chat room is that everyone is from different time zones. It's a strange but very globally modern way of saying "Hi" and "somewhere on the planet I know your out there".
As far as writing; I really do it differently every time. I have an idea on guitar I record it and compose/decompose until it feels "ready", as no emotion is ever truly finished neither are the songs I write. I force myself to do it differently each time. Ordinary Life was inspired by and written in my head while I was in a wal mart in the suburbs (yes it seems like fire and gasoline and yes it was just like that to some extent) and then I took the idea and worked it at home in the studio.
Pleistoscene wont forget anyone that has not forgotten us.

Would you ever have a signature guitar made? If so, what company would you want to make the guitar? - Caroline < ShockBluXterra(at)cs.com > 2003

ZIM ZUM: I do have about 5 or 6 signature guitars here (in the studio)that were made by different companies for me with my input. I use alot of different guitars so to break it down to just one and use that one all the time would be difficult, tonally, for me. I like guitars because they are what they are, not because of what they are not and each brings something different to the palette. I have, for quite some time, been working with a few guitar companies on designing guitars and I have made a few for myself so you never know....

Hey there (again)... When will Pleistoscene be releasing their music?
Oh, and where did you get those beautiful boots you used to wear all the time when you were in Marilyn Manson? I mean the knee high black ones, with the silver eyelets... I've searched for them everywhere I can, but I still can't find any like them. Hope you're doing okay. I hope to hear Pleistoscene soon, as my computer wont let me download the songs off your site... Thankyou. - Amy < mm_groupie_666(at)hotmail.com > xoxo

ZIM ZUM: I dont have a release date as applied to the music.
It will debut in the form of an EP that has alot of multimedia content to it and just a lot of extra stuff. There will be 3 or 4 songs, possibly one cover song and then some video footage. The disc may be held until after the first run of shows so that there is live footage on it as well....

As far as the boots. I have them around here somewhere but I NEVER wear them as they are quite possibly the origin of the black plague. (JUST KIDDING- but they have been around the world and touched the ground of almost every continent..so..) I dont remember where I got them or who makes them, sorry.

Do you ever talk to Pogo anymore? 'Cause I know you two were very good friends. Do you know what year he was born? - Lacey < Mansonluver1989(at)aol.com > 2003

I havent talked to Pogo in a while..though I did speak to twig a couple days ago. I'm not sure what year pogo was born in. 67?

1. What are your thoughts on the Dalai Lama and what he (and others before him) has been trying to teach and accomplish...etc?
2. What would you say if a character of a popular TV show such as CSI mentioned and listened to Pleistoscene? Would you allow them to use your music or have someone listening to Pleistoscene on their discman sing-a-long to one of the songs? Would you let them use it as part of their soundtrack? -GlitterZim

ZZ: 1. I spend a lot of time trying to better understand life's underlying themes and what educated people have to say about the way things work. I am somewhat disillusioned these days in what "spiritual leaders" tell us is the "right" path. I read and think about what is being said but I am more aggitated and rebellious these days because my search for some deeper meaning has lead me to an interesting yet extremely difficult state of mind. Alot of "Great Philosophers" dont seem very grounded to me as I already know there is no magic answer or equation that will make everything seem sensible. I have and still would put more faith in a homeless person telling me his philosophy of life because I can see with my own eyes where he is and where he is coming from. I was leaving a video store about 7 months ago and a man approached me and asked for the cigarette I was just about to put out with my shoe. I stopped for a second and thought about the fact that he wanted something that I gave no value to. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a new cigarette and gave it to him. He graciously thanked me and asked if I could also give one to his friend. This made me think that no doubt his friend would break a bottle over my head the minute we "found" him but I asked where his friend was and he said "just around the corner". So, I went around the corner to see who this friend was that a homeless man would ask for something for him instead of simply asking for another for himself. I turned the corner and sure enough his friend was waiting patiently. The man who initially approached me introduced himself as "Pepper" and his friends name was "Salt". Salt could barely form words due to the fact that all of his teeth were missing and he had seen better days but I knew immediately he was thanking me as kindly and politely as anyone could. My heart twisted as one of the men was black and one was white and neither had a dime to their name but they could easily understand and transcend what millionaire's could not. I asked them how they were getting along and Pepper said without a second thought "what more could anyone ask for?" Sometimes life's greatest lessons are right in front of our face but we turn away and ignore them, never giving them a chance to really teach us something.

ZZ: 2. I'm synical and sarcastic and not openly trusting of any human but I am always very humbled when it comes to someone honestly appreciating what I do creatively. To incorporate the music that is Pleistoscene into another form of art has always been the underlying motivation it's just that I score what I know rather than score what I see. I'm not completely sure how anti-social I will be with certain cmommercial possibilities but if it's edgy or Indie I would definitely entertain the thought. I certainly dont look to pop culture to support my habits as I can do it quite well without them.... xoxo

Does Zim have a girlfriend?- annie < ZimZumSocks69(at)aol.com > 2003
ZZ: yes.
Are you a bisexual and if not who started the rumor?Does Zim have a girlfriend?- "Henry Jakimowicz" < jakhmbtl(at)austarmetro.com.au > Nov.2002
ZZ: Rumors are almost always started by curiosity mixed with lack of facts or in some cases just plain stupidity mixed with bitterness or jealousy and when it's applied to anyone that gossip tends to go hand in hand with a rumor is passed on to such a large extent that it is taken as truth sooner or later and even when people know it's not true they prefer the rumor because the truth can change others reality 110%. I acknowledge the fact that I tend to gender bend but I have a girlfriend so it's not a rumor that I have ever or will ever take offense to. There are so many rumors out there about me that you could mentally create 666 different versions of me and some tend to feel more comfortable believing the more ridiculous ones or the ones that make me out to be much more evil than I really am, but more often than not I wont even acknowledge as to whether a rumor is true or not because I know who I am, who I will be and who I never was.
"What is your natural hair colour? That pic of you in the red PVC shirt is so good... *cough* What do you think is/was the highlight of your career so far? Do you regret anything? And if you could turn back time, would you have changed anything, like made Pleistoscene earlier on, and not been in Marilyn Manson? Thanks for your time... xxx" ~ Amy < mm_groupie_666(at)hotmail.com > 2001

Hello Amy! hope these answers give you a better understanding of who I really am.

1.What is your natural hair color?

ZZ: I have no idea. I cut it all off about 3 months ago and experimented with really changing my appearence but I never paid attention to what was "naturally" growing in other than a beard....

2.What do you think is/was the highlight of your career so far?

ZZ: I would say today but I know tomorrow I'll push it even further.
Remember kids; "It's better to burn out than fade away"

3.Do you regret anything?

ZZ: Of course. Anyone who says they dont is on Prozac.
We are all given the chance to learn from our mistakes. Some take that chance, others dont.

4.If you could turn back time, would you have changed anything, like made Pleistoscene earlier on, and not been in Marilyn Manson?

ZZ: If I could turn back time(How fucking famous is Cher that I cant say that sentence without singing it?!) my focus towards change would be on things other than music. Music has saved my life and enhanced it considerably but the interaction with humans, good and bad, along the way makes life truly interesting. That is the true learning experience.
Pleistoscene has always been a part of me.
Pleistoscene is the part of me that wont keep quiet and is constantly in someones face knowing that if I dont prove my point, I get my ass kicked. It's a natural reaction. The kind of reaction that you have when you focus your energy towards something more intelligent than just hate, contempt, anger, self pity or self-destructive tendencies and really analyze why we all do very specific/predictable things in certain situations.
Altering the socio-political reality via multiple personalities?

-Zim xoxo

There's a rumor I heard that I would like cleared up. Is Zim gay? Not b/c of make-up or clothing, but I just heard he was. Hope not! :) ~ .Bloody.Nails. < ImForeverDirtyGF(at)yahoo.com > 2001

Nope. Not gay today. I would have to guess but I think those sort of sexuality questions come from the fact that I was raised by all females, no males so that from time to time can be seen in my mannerisms and misunderstood by some that dont know. You cant always believe everything you read on the internet or in magazines but it is always a wise choice in coming straight to the source.

Did Zim Zim leave Marilyn Manson on a good note or a bad note? Will Zim Zum ever work with Marilyn Manson again? 2000

I left Marilyn Manson (the band- as it was/is never just Brian Warner as Marilyn Manson) with a purpose in mind and that purpose is now a realization. I have grown, mentally and musically and I no longer relate to some of the things that I used to. I cant help but think when people die by their own hands (literally) for something that they really believed in, and then, what they believed in is sold out in the name of entertainment in the drop of a non recoupable dime, it's something so much more than sad, It's unbelievable, as in no longer believable. So, like everyone else, I learn by moving forward and I not looking back. All hope is truly lost when you repeat yourself or buy into the over-commercialized public consciousness of what your supposed to be to make them happy about themselves. So, regardless of all the notoriously never ending gossiping, rumors, fabrications and lies that are put into motion by those that follow and he that leads, as you can see by my very own hand, I have zero interest in Marilyn Manson, now or in the future and wish them all the best in whatever they do.

what was it like living with pogo in LA? 2000

My days in L.A were filled with strangers but I thoroughly enjoyed living with Pogo. -Zim

What is Zim's favourite guitar? 1999

THE ONES THAT STAY IN TUNE! Actually there are alot of them. I like each for different reasons. Each has a very unique personality. I like guitars that have alot of exposed wood ( I take the paint off the front of most of mine). I tend to use my 74' Les Paul Custom for alot of the songs. It is very unique, in that it has a maple fretboard and on les pauls it's not the norm. I have a modified Gibson SG that has an unbelievable sound. I use alot of different fernandes guitars, including my "signature" customs. The newest one being clear (lucite) is one of my favorites because it is very heavy (heavy guitars have better sustain) and like all things "great"..... it looks cool. Fernandes has "Sustainers" built into most of their guitars and it is an amazing effect, ( it allows me to have instant feedback and sustain without outboard gear ). I also like the sound of fender guitars (I have a 76' large headstock strat, a 76' Tele-Deluxe also with the oversized "strat" headstock and my fender barritone guitar, which is a bass/guitar hybrid and my custom shop ones which include a solid mahogany strat as well as some various modern ones). My Roland 707 synth guitar is unlike any other, completely from another planet, the sounds are full 80's synth oddities. I have some amazing washburn P4's that have ALOT of wood to them and in turn, alot of tone. I also have a few that I made myself based on a minimalist design, using just one humbucker, one volume knob, a locking Floyd rose tremolo, no-finish on the bolt on neck and jumbo frets...and then there are ALL of the acoustic guitars.....

What strings does Zim like to use? 1999

For electric guitars I tend to use GHS strings, usually pretty heavy gauges ,0.11's or 0.12's. Heavy gauge strings allow me to use alot of different tunings without "slack" from the strings and are much better for recording.

Besides guitar, what other instruments does Zim Zum play? 1999

I would say that besides guitar I really feel content playing piano and synth/ keyboards. I play bass as well and just about anything I can get my hands on. In the recording process the computer is a very important instrument and not an easy one to master.

What kind of things are you going to be doing with ULTRA FAG Entertainment? Is it only for ppl in the chicago area or else where as well? 1999

It is not Chicago exclusive, it's universal. Some of the first things you will be seeing from Ultra Fag Entertainment will be some clothing designs and a line of t-shirts I am working on that are completely seperate from Pleistocene, an internet magazine that features artists / art, designers, musicians and interviews with the unique individuals featured. Ultra fag Entertainment will also soon be a record label...

Will Zim sing live or on any of the recordings? 1999


Where can I write to Zim Zum? 1999

The address that was here is no longer valid.

What does Zim want to accomplish with this project? - BloodAngel < ImmortalScream(at)hotmail.com > 1999

You will know who we are and what we sound like, like us or not.

Who did you get along with the most in Marilyn Manson and who was your least fav in the band and why? - Gerry Ryan < grcharming(at)accesswave.ca > 1999

I got along with all of them.
I had no favorite.
I lived with both Manson (New Orleans) and Pogo (L.A.).

"I would just like to know how exactly he feels about being in this new band compared to being in Manson? like how things work differently and how things are still the same."-Tiffani 1999

I feel pretty fuckin' good (lol).

Pleistoscene is exactly what I wanted it to be. It's entirely based on exploring music, sounds and different instruments and there is no set format as to what the sound is or is going to be. I just walk into the studio and record whatever I'm feeling.

I usually just start going through patches of sounds, creating new ones or I just plug in a guitar and play something that I like and expand on it until it is the larger idea that I had in my head. The main difference between what I'm doing now and what I've done in the past is that I'm not bound to a particular genre or style of music and I'm not adapting to someone else's style.

This is truly the first time people that have heard me play, will really hear me and not just me on guitar.

I get to explore my artistic, visual and graphic design sides as well with Pleistoscene through the website and even through the band photos. (I designed and laid out the whole site and even did double duty by shooting the individual band member photos.)

I'm really happy with the other guys in the band (Nyxon, TJ, Crispin and Taylor) and how they fit into Pleistoscene and what they bring into Pleistoscene:The Band.

I cant think of anything that is the same as what I've done before because there isn't anything.

I've just cleaned the slate and started in a new place.


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